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Providing Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Our Focus

Our services are primarily focused on capture and removal of wildlife species that are unwelcome in your home or property.

Services Include

This may include: raccoons in your attic or chimney. Skunks under a deck or porch, Opossums in the garbage or squirrels gnawing on your home's woodwork.

Proactive Approach

We are very pro-active in our approach to animal removals, and each customer receives tailored care for the problem. 

Estimates Provided

We will provide estimates for services prior to any work beginning, and proceed with care and quality if you choose so.

What we are not

We are not a large "set and forget" trapping company only interested in your signature on a contract. 

Humane Solutions

Humane solutions for problems including raccoons, squirrels, opossums and bats.

Free Estimates

Call for free estimates. Structure repairs available.  

Service Area

Serving South Chicago land and suburbs 


Licensed by Illinois Department of Natural Resources