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Providing Nuisance Wildlife Control Services and Deceased Pet Removal Services

Oak Lawn, Illinois

Deceased Pet Removal Services
Losing someone we love is the hardest thing we will ever face. If your pet passes to the next life at your home, we will provide the pickup and cremation services. We will see that your pet’s remains are cared for in a respectable, considerate and caring manner. We are available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. To schedule our services, call 708-784-1314 for a free quote and schedule a pickup or fill out the form on the contact us page. 

Wildlife Control Services
There are many ethical considerations in nuisance wildlife management. Some species of wildlife cannot be ethically relocated due to overabundance of competing species, or lack of availability of proper food and habitat. Control during the spring months does run the risk of killing the young by starvation. Proper euthanasia of animals when necessary is also a controversial and sensitive consideration to be taken prior to engaging in nuisance wildlife management, and requires training and certification in some areas of the United States

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Our rates are the lowest in the area. Rates vary because of the work involved in removing the problem.


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Client Testimonials

Remember the crocodile hunter? How about the dog whisperer? Well you can call Rich the Raccoon Hunter, or the Raccoon Whisperer! I'm telling you, he walks into your house, and it's as if the raccoon's have seen a long lost friend, he's the Pied Piper of Chicago!!!! I didn't even want to write a review, because I wanted him to be available if I have to call him again! He walked into my house, went to the attic, found EXACTLY where the mom and baby raccoons were at. He went outside, then stuck his hand in the soffit, and pulled out 6 babies!!! This guy speaks raccoon!!! The Animal Channel needs a reality show on this guy!!!

David F 
LaGrange IL

I have had a problem in my attic for YEARS that started with squirrels and ended with racoons. They may be cute as hell, but boy do they cause some damage! After looking around, I stumbled across Veteran Wildlife Control. I sent them over an e-mail and they were quick to respond! We set up a time and they came on over and were not only able to rescue the baby racoons, but they were able to get the mom too!

Paul N 
Chicago IL

I have a squirrel issue in my attic so called all around, most services never called back, let alone showed up when they said they would. While Veteran Wildlife doesn't service my area, Rich was very helpful in giving me tips on finding the right service. This really shows what a class A service company Veteran Wildlife Control is.

Antonia M. 
Chicago IL